sharing your faith starts here

At Anastasia, we want to equip people to naturally share their faith with those whom they already have relationships, as well as with people they may just run into. To discover how you can be equipped to share your faith, contact Albert Kaidor.  Evangelism Explosion (EE) and XEE are the primary resources that we use to teach people to share their faith. 



XEE teaches Jesus followers how to share the story of the gospel within the context of relationship.
/files/Images/ToughQuestions_a.jpg Evanglism Explosion (EE) equips believers to share a gospel presentation, and gives on-the-job training to actually share it under the guidance of an experienced EE trainer.


other resources for sharing your faith


  /files/Images/Missions/steps to peace with God iphone icon.jpg

Steps to Peace with God is an online tract ideally suited for sharing faith with adults and teens. Provided by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Click here to view. 

 Click here for "Steps to Peace with God IPhone app.

  /files/Images/Missions/Gospel for Kids Video.png

The Gospel for Kids is a video clip (2 min, 33 sec), widely available online. This is a great resource to share your faith in Jesus with children. This link will let you view the clip online at YouTube. Click here to view.