The thought of coming in to a new church, or maybe attending church for the very first time can be an intimidating one.  We try to do all we can to erase those thoughts the moment you step out of your car.  With our friendly greeters and caring members, you can expect to feel like you've come home!  And no matter which campus you visit, or which worship service you attend, you can expect to find people just like you - people who are finding their purpose in life so they can be and do all that God wants them to!  

Welcome Home
At all campuses, we have a great team of volunteers whose main job is to point you in the right direction.   During our services, we're not going to single you out as a visitor in any way, but will do all we can to treat you like a guest in our home.

Come As You Are
You're going to find a variety of dress at Anastasia.  From suits and dresses to shorts or jeans, our desire is that you not worry about what you're wearing. 

No Donation is Expected
You may hear some talk about money from time to time, but please do not feel obligated. An offering plate is passed during the service so that our members and regular attenders can worship through giving, and support the operation and mission of the church.

At each of our worship services, an invitation is extended following the message for people desiring to make some type of spiritual decision.  Whether it's to pray, receive encouragement, get baptized or become a church member, the invitation is open to all.  This is also a great time to let someone know you've made the commitment to follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  These times are always voluntary and never forced.

We really want to meet you!  Opportunities to meet and connect with a pastor are available following our worship services.